Welded wire mesh

Different than woven wire mesh, welded wire mesh having a solid solder joint is not easy deformation characteristics. In industry, agriculture, construction and other industries have applications. Common welded wire mesh according to different surface treatment process can be divided into black silk welded wire mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh welded wire mesh and PVC.the welded wire mesh prices here are cheap.welded wire mesh properties is high.

Products Details

welded stainless steel wire mesh is a row of high quality low carbon steel wire made of welded wire mesh welding, advanced welding technology crossover point in each vertical and horizontal welding, respectively, and then after degreasing, rust removal, be put on a special plating bath, through the electrolysis reaction, so that welded wire mesh coated with a layer of zinc layer, the net surface bright and beautiful colors. But because the coating is thin, less than in the 5-30 micron, so corrosion would be more worse.welded wire mesh size for concrete is common.we can provide 2x2 welded wire mesh,4 x 4 welded wire mesh,6x6 welded wire mesh,1 inch welded wire mesh etc. the standard of welded wire mesh sizes from international standards.We can calculate the weight of welded wire mesh for you free of charge.

Black wire welded wire mesh

Black wire welded wire mesh, with wire soldered directly, without passing through other surface treatments, it is the cheapest welded wire mesh. Because without surface treatment, it is relatively easy to rust, not suitable for use in environments exposed to air.

Galvanized welded wire mesh

Galvanized welded wire mesh, through an electroplating process it has a layer of zinc, welded wire mesh surface bright and beautiful, with some rust resistance, but the price is slightly higher.

Hot-dip Galvanized welded wire mesh

Hot-dip galvanizing process is the wire mesh directly immersed in hot water which melted zinc, zinc layer to achieve adhesion purposes. Thus treated welded wire mesh, with a strong anti-rust ability, placed in a rain environment 3-5 years will not rust.

PVC coated welded wire mesh

PVC surface treated with more than galvanized rust resistance. Meanwhile, PVC can be done a variety of colors, such as green, blue, red, white, and so on. Has a decorative effect.

We offer the following welded wire mesh sizes here are the welded wire mesh sizes chart:
Welded Mesh
6mm x 6mm Hole
(¼ inch x ¼ inch)

Welded Mesh
13mm x 13mm Hole
(½ x ½ inch)

Welded Mesh
20mmx20mm Hole
(¾ x ¾ inch)

Welded Mesh
25mm x 25mm Hole
(1 x 1 inch)

Welded Mesh
13mm x 25mm Hole
(½ x 1 inch)

Welded Mesh
50mm x 50mm Hole
(2 x 2 inch)

welded wire mesh specifications

here are the table of welded wire mesh gauge chart,We can mail samples of ss welded wire mesh for you free of charge.

Sizepacking details
1,3mmx50x75mmx1,2x30mt30mt roll
1,3mmx50x75mmx1,5x30mt30mt roll
1,3mmx50x75mmx1,80x30mt30mt roll
1,6mmx50x75mmx1,22x30mt30mt roll 19.4kg
1,6mmx50x75mmx1,53x30mt30mt roll 24.3kg
1,6mmx50x75mmx1,83x30mt30mt roll 29kg
1,9mmx50x75mmx1,0mtx30mt30mt roll 22.5kg
1,9mmx50x75mmx1,20mtx30mt30mt roll27kg
1,9mmx50x75mmx1,50mtx30mt30mt roll 33.7kg
1,9mmx50x75mmx1,80mtx30mt30mt roll 40.5kg
1,0mmx10x10mmx1mtx30mt30mt roll
1.0mmx25x25mmx1mtx30mt30mt roll

Note: FCL = full container load, LCL container goods as relative terms. By the consignor is responsible for packing, counting, plus stowage and seals of the cargo. FCL to unpack, generally by the consignee. But can also be entrusted to the carrier in the cargo terminal devanning .

Packing and loading containers

Welded wire mesh packaging: general internal use plastic film moisture isolation, to prevent rust. External woven or linen wrap to prevent breakage during transport. Conventional packaged in 10 to 50kg per roll, so the weight will not affect the handling too much when users use. Usually a packing container volume of 25 tons to 29 tons, according to the standard weight limit is different shipping companies and the national ports.

welded stainless steel wire mesh 

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