Black annealed wire

Black annealed wire is made of iron wire, mainly used as tie wire or binding wire in construction. We can produce annealed wire ranges from 8# up to 22# (wire diameter from 0.7-4.5mm). Custom orders are also acceptable.

Packing can offer

25-50kg/coil  ID:30-50cm
1kg per coil,10 per bundle
pallet packing
big bag one ton packing
1kg per coil,10 per box

Packing and loading containers

Black annealed wire packaging: general internal use plastic film moisture isolation, to prevent rust. External woven or linen wrap to prevent breakage during transport. Conventional packaged in 10 to 50kg per roll, so the weight will not affect the handling too much when users use. Usually a packing container volume of 25 tons to 29 tons, according to the standard weight limit is different shipping companies and the national ports.

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